Bandmates Who Can’t Stand One Another

Just because musicians have good chemistry together doesn’t mean they have to like each other. In fact, some of the most successful bands of all time have been fraught with tension. These are some of the bandmates who just can’t stand one another.

Various members of Smashing Pumpkins have been fighting with each other for almost as long as the band has been around. According to a 1995 Us Weekly article about the band, there had been strife for years even then, starting with guitarist James Iha and bassist D’arcy Wretzky becoming a couple, before breaking up during the recording of their debut album, Gish.

Then there’s Billy Corgan’s knack for seeing the band as a glorified solo project. For their second album, Siamese Dream, he did most of the interviews and played most of the guitar and bass, despite having both a guitarist and bassist.

By 2000, after a good deal of squabbling and a number of roster changes, the Pumpkins had disbanded. According to E! News, Corgan tried to paint the band in a different light, saying:

“There’s nothing wrong inside the band, but the way the culture is and stuff, it’s hard to keep trying to fight the good fight against the Britneys.”

Of course, plenty of other bands survived the fight against pop music just fine, so it seems more than likely that Corgan wasn’t being entirely truthful. In 2015, Corgan reunited with long-time drummer Jimmy Chamberlin for a few shows, but that only lasted about as long as any collab with Corgan possibly could. In February 2018, the band announced a reunion tour without D’arcy Wretzky. Sadly, ticket sales for the tour weren’t exactly great. Maybe everyone just got tired of the fighting.

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